Welcome to Campfires Burning.

This website has come about because of a lack of info about campsites that let you have fires. Not so long time since, you could have fires at loads of sites, now they seem to have vanished.

We aim to provide the campfire camper with usefull information about sites that allow some form of campfire. We have searched the internet for sites, primarily in the UK that permit fires. Although not every potential site is listed, if you do know of any; anywhere in the world, please send me an email and we can add it to the site.

FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for putting this together! Camping is all about getting back to nature, and a more primal time and in my opinion, its nearly impossible to do that without a campfire. Im a member of the Camping and Caravanning club and I just sent them an email asking them why I cant seem to find any sites with them that allow campfires and this was their reply:
>I can confirm that unfortunately we do not allow camp fires on our Sites
>nor do we allow Barbeques. This is due to our Health and Safety Policy
>which has been put in place for the safety of our campers.

No campfires and no BBQs!?!!?!? How is that camping? I may have to not renew my membership next year…
Anyway, keep fighting the good fight.

Have you thought about any ways that we can lobby to make sure sites keep their campfire privileges, or how to convince more sites to allow them?

Via Email website visitor

If you intend visiting one of our listed sites, please check with them first and mention to them that you found them on Campfires Burning.

If you are the owner of a site not listed here, please drop us an email with relevant details and we'll add you to the site... free of charge. Conversely, if you no longer allow campfires of any sort and wish to be removed, please email us the site details and we'll remove the site.

Thank you - Campfires Burning