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Message received 03-04-2019 09:26 from David Powell, Cheshire

Anglesey outdoors offer a cheap camp site but with good facilities, and camp fires are allowed apparently. Possibly going there next week. LL65 2LP Tel: 01407 769351 Ty Croes Farm and Vineyard, also on Anglesey permits camp fires. It is a fairly basic site but proved a great base for exploring Anglesey LL61 6RP Tel: 07784 092836 Great site - I use it regularly but there must be many more camp sites to add to the directory.

Message received 13-07-2014 19:30 from tamar newton

What a lovely spot- and made to feel so welcome- will be returning here- good facilities, lovely views and such a friendly atmostphere x

Message received 24-11-2013 22:05 from Claire Osbourne

I own a campsite in Much Wenlock. The Withies Campsite, Stretton Rd, Much Wenlock, Shropshire. \" Real camping on the edge of nature\" email: 01694771570 to contact. I would like to be included on your website. I have a communal campfire with seats around the fire and allow small fires also. The site is neat and tidy, mowed and tended. The site is on the edge of national trust woodland, and we encourage shelter building, and a natural camping experience. Clean toilets, water, and chemical waste disposal and recycling provided.

Message received 24-11-2013 21:53 from Claire Osbourne

I can recommend The Withies Campsite at Stretton Rd, Much Wenlock. A friendly, quiet, back to nature campsite, with toilets and walks and woodland nearby. Shelter building and campfires allowed. Tidy and clean without mod cons. fabulous wild flowers, fossils and views. Ironbridge Gorge Museums nearby. 01694771570 to book.

Message received 07-07-2013 20:55 from heather and stuart

Had a really good time when we visited the site it was clean and tidy and peacefull the staff was very freindly and welcoming. We ran out of wood and had to phone chris and he was happy enough to get more for me even though it was late we really enjoyed our stay and we have booked up again thistime with freinds and we will be makeing this regular escape

Message received 25-06-2013 20:51 from Racheal

Stayed at Little dernwood farm and was very disapointed....I just read a review from 2010 where a family stayed for 2 weeks and loved it! i could not shower for that long. 20 minute walk down a muddy path with your wheelbarrow, very overpriced wood needed two bags for 1 decent fire £10 and kindling £3! No loo roll no love don\'t like camping in fields with pilon\'s beaming electricity through the county.

Message received 21-04-2013 22:51 from chris newsham

We have a beautiful little campsite in north wales and would love to be included on your list, please check us out thanks :)

Message received 29-09-2012 19:51 from jason hoden

Stayed at Glyn-y-mul farm last month with my son and going again in a few weeks. Fantastic place. well recommended. Good facilities, very friendly, helpfull people. Great woodland camping, open fires, very peacefull. Shame can\'t book the weather thugh. Lol

Message received 26-01-2012 10:54 from Jeremy Whitehorn

Hi I recently burned some magnolia (mature) and it produced reasonable heat & longevity of burn - better than I was expecting & on a par with some laurel I burned last year; not the equal tho' of ash/oak/beech etc. (My wife works for a National Trust property which has many mature magnolias. Every now & again one comes down ...) Best,

Message received 08-10-2010 09:53 from Will

Just stumbled across your site.What a refreshing changes to some natural campers. I have used sites in Canada and the Czech republic at these you are EXPECTED to have a campfire. Especially as each pitch has a fire pit!. Because of advancing years I am now camping in a motorhome,but it is still nice to sit around the campfire with or without friends and reminisce or just tell travellers tales. Thanks and keep on.

Message received 10-02-2010 16:36 from Harri Little

I just found your website after clicking on the link on Glyn-y-Mul Farm's site. I would just like to thank you whole-heartedly for what you have done. Your website is invaluble for those of us who don't always want to stay on a dull sterile campsite. I have posted links on my facebook page and to an aquaintance of mine who is a bushcraft instructor. I will be telling all my friendsabout it too. I have searched for such a comprihensive list of sutible campsites for a long time and have never found one until finding yours. I my opinion you deserve a medal. Thank You again

Message received 17-11-2009 21:44 from B Williams

Thank you, for this great site... I'm a wild camper normally but I'm looking for a campsite which allows campfires when I take my wife and kids camping next year ;) I would like them to enjoy a real campfire and were looking for something like this. It seems that my family would like a little more comfort when we go camping but I call that glamping and not camping hahaha. Still I love my wild camping and glamping and enjoy the nature and most of all the campfires... nothing is better then the smell of burning wood ;) I just come back from a great camping weekend and we've made some amazing pics of the fire which kept us warm.
Thank you again for this lovely site and the excellent page of Fire design.... you've done a really good job... keep up the good work and take care

Message received 12-08-2009 16:21 from viago2

Thanks for such a great website. just booked a night at mill farm to try it out. Any chance of finding me somewhere near Blackpool?

Message received 16-06-2009 20:42 from julie2305

I am really chuffed to have found your site, restoring my faith in having a proper camping trip again, sick and tired of the no fires policy, (some people obviously don't know what camping involves)so wooohooo will be using one of the sites on your page this july will let you know how it goes....many thanks

Message received 05-05-2009 21:16 from Blandy

Well done on a fab site. Can't wait to try some of these out this summer. Small point, but is there any chance of adding which sites allow dogs, if any? Wouldn't be the same going camping without them. Many thanks, Blandy & co.

Message received 24-03-2009 20:07 from guyropegourmet

What an outstanding site! pure genius. Anyone who's found it might be interested in my site - have a look Oh and yes, I'd go with the song thing for sure!

Message received 17-03-2009 00:19 from happycampfirers

Thanks for the website, we've tried to find campsites that allow fires for ages then found your website and found the ideal looking site in minutes :) Cheers

Message received 24-09-2008 15:17 from jenni

Great i'm off to Hollins Farm a week on Friday will let you know how it went!!

Message received 19-08-2008 22:09 from Kate and Leo

Thanks for a brilliant site! Just been to Rukins in Yorks after finding it on here and had blissful weekend of singing round a campfire by the river…

Message received 30-04-2008 10:57 from pkelley6367

I believe we should all boycott the "no campfire and no barbeque" campsites this would send the strongest message to them.Keep up the good work.

Message received 28-01-2008 21:30 from Trabbi

Just read Ian Nairns article about your website in 'Bushcraft magazine'. Had to look it up straight away. Good to see there are so many like-minded people out there!

Message received 25-01-2008 20:55 from lordsteph

Thank god for proper camping and proper campers, having been a camper {proper} for 30+ years i was losing hope of finding likeminded people {other than my friends and family} who enjoy a camp fire. It seems that i am not alone , Thank you

Message received 13-11-2007 03:51 from fallingrain

You guys are fantastic. This site is just what I've been looking for !. I go camping regularly at ALL times of the year and camping without a fire isn't the same at all. Fantastic wonderful. I'm chuffed to bits I've discovered your site.

Message received 12-09-2007 19:52 from Dave Cox


I wanted to say that this site has renewed my faith in the 'purist' camper….I have travelled the world over and have only found this 'dislike' of fires on campsites only in the UK. I know and realise that there are practicalities involved, but It pains me to see BBQ's allowed but not open fires. Campsite owners can always stipulate fires in BBQ's only.
I hope your site turns this trend around and lets us all go back to burnt marshmallows, coming home smelling of natural wood smoke and the joy of the outdoors..

Keep it real, Keep it open

Message received 27-07-2007 11:56 from scalefour

Great idea. A forum would be a good one too and I think they are quite easy to set up. I spend time in the states where you can camp and cook almost anywhere including town parks. Here in the UK there is always a few of us camping and looking for fire camps. We are currently looking at the "Dutch Oven" craze that was initially started by the pioneers and is huge in the states. Maybe we could get a UK "cook off" going. Andy and Clare

Message received 01-05-2007 05:00 from Via Email

FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for putting this together! Camping is all about getting back to nature, and a more primal time and in my opinion, its nearly impossible to do that without a campfire. Im a member of the Camping and Caravanning club and I just sent them an email asking them why I cant seem to find any sites with them that allow campfires and this was their reply:
>I can confirm that unfortunately we do not allow camp fires on our Sites
>nor do we allow Barbeques. This is due to our Health and Safety Policy
>which has been put in place for the safety of our campers.

No campfires and no BBQs!?!!?!? How is that camping? I may have to not renew my membership next year…
Anyway, keep fighting the good fight.

Have you thought about any ways that we can lobby to make sure sites keep their campfire privileges, or how to convince more sites to allow them?

Message received 20-04-2007 18:39 from Claire

Fantastic! camping with a campfire is great, finding sites that allow it, however is a problem. Problem solved!!! Hoping to read reviews about the campsites once the summer comes.

Message received 29-03-2007 12:49 from Lisa

Thankyou,thankyou thankyou!!

I have been sitting here for about 2 hours getting increasingly frustrated that I cannot locate any Farms etc., that will allow camp fires when I decided to put campfires allowed in the search engine and up popped your website.You really have made my day,so I thankyou again.

Message received 19-06-2006 18:51 from campingiskak

whoever put this site together should be praised

Message received 13-06-2006 00:26 from admin

Ratters:- Thanks, i'm on with postcodes for other ideas as well. Songs; i wasn't too sure about them either. Denise:- Thanks.

Message received 12-06-2006 01:58 from Denise

Looking good Ads!!

Message received 12-06-2006 01:58 from ratters

Post codes of campsites would be useful & maybe symbols for facilities etc....This is good stuff and with feed back could be a very useful site...Not so sure about the songs thing??