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We love wild camping in Scotland, so when we set up our campsite this was our idea: beautiful, accessible wild camping with decent facilities and hot showers. So you get to enjoy a campfire (marshmallows and sausages for sale in the shop!) a view of the hills or birch woods but without rows of caravans, and with a bit more space and privacy. We're also taking great care to minimise any impacts on the environment: the shower block lighting runs from wind and solar power and we have an obsession with reusing and recycling. Please, if you can, either recycle your waste or take it home with you at the end of your stay (thanks!).
George is the camping man at Comrie Croft and is only too happy to help if you need any assistance. We are a family friendly campsite, so for the consideration of others we ask everyone to be quiet after 11pm.

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