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Every August we open the the farm for tent camping.The campsite is located 1km off the road down a farm track, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, making it quiet and secluded, and safe for children. There are extensive sea views from most parts of the site, and guests have the use of the of the private beach, which forms part of the farm. The site covers several fields so it never feels crowded, even on busy weekends, and it is always possible to choose your own pitch. Friends and families can camp in groups as they please. Campfires are allowed, adding to the atmosphere, and firewood is generally available free of charge from piles around the farm.

Received 29-03-2007 12:52 from Lisa

Last year we camped for the first time at Eweleaze near Weymouth.We really were thrown in at the deep end (so we were told by other hardened campers) and we learnt an awful lot very quickly (including how to put up a tent in what felt like a gale,and then having to 'straighten' it when the wind stopped!!)

The views were wonderful,the people friendly,and the whole experience just made that bit more special by having a campfire to sit around every night.
The children loved collecting firewood,and listening to stories read to them by firelight,we toasted marshmellows,and actually came to enjoy that smoky aroma that followed us everywhere.

It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Received 20-04-2008 14:13 from andyms

A lovely cliff top site, with more sheltered pitches back from the sea, but without the great sea views. Camped there last august, in a howling gale, which flattened a number of tents which were abandoned (great for salvaging spare guy ropes, poles etc). What they forget to mention is that a lot of the small rocks around the site, which people use to surround their fires, tend to explode when heated, which is a bit of a shock to say the least!

Received 02-10-2008 14:04 from Jacob

We camped there this August - it was superb! We were in the point field, a car free area with great sea views and despite the poor weather this summer we definately got the best of it, swimming in the sea at least every other day, strolling to the pub at Osmington Mills or just hanging out at the tent. Huge amounts of space between tents, partly because the site is on gently hilly fields, so good flat pitches are spread out with slopes between. It's worth spending a bit of time finding just the right spot. The two car free fields are the most open to the wind if it blows up, but the views are great. The new earth-closet loos were great and the solar showers warm up even on overcast days, so long as you don't rely on an 8 o'clock morning plunge to bring you round (12.00 - 4.00 they are seriously good). The meat from the shop is very good (especially whole legs of lamb and burgers) and the daily fresh bread is really wonderful. The prices at the farm shop are slightly higher than local shops but the quality is good and you save on time and pollution by not having to leave the site in the car. Huge amount of free firewood, 'though rather too much green Leylandii which is a filthy burner. Still, if you have a decent bow-saw (also available at the shop) there was plenty of good stuff. The children tried the pizzas once (cooked to order)and said they were nice but very small. They spent hours playing with the farm cats and dogs, which they were allowed to borrow when ever they wanted. Mackeral fishing from a little boat out of Weymouth old harbour was a real treat. We caught 40 fish in 1 hour and had a feast. We will be going back as soon as we can, quite possibly next year.

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