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The campsite consists of 15 acres divided into 4 fields. All the fields are in the valley and follow the river.
The 1st field is fenced off from the river. All the others are open to the river. About 1/2 a mile of river frontage. This is a secluded valley site in the center of Exmoor National Park. Most of our visitors who come here, come for the peace and quiet, they like to relax and unwind. If you can hear your own radio that's fine, but if your neighbour can hear it it's not! The same at night. Most people like to retire to bed before 11pm so we run a quiet site at night. Camp in mown meadows beside the River Exe. Seasonal small shop. We have bread, milk, eggs, bacon etc. sourced locally. Conception to Consumption Try some of our home grown meat Beef, Lamb and Pork. 'Lamb/Mint'. 'Pork/Apple' Burgers Sausages. Bacon and Award winning Aberdeen Angus Beef We allow BBQ's as long as they are placed off the ground so they don't burn the grass.

We allow fires in the 4th field. We have set fire sites around the field that visitors can use. We sell wood from the farm, which is grown on the farm and is environmentally sustainable, as the money we get from sell the wood goes back into replanting. We plant around 300 - 400 trees each year. 5 years ago we planted over 18,000 in a very large project.

We also sell charcoal here, is is also from a local man.

Received 02-10-2007 19:18 from DaveDuggan

This site sounds nice but doesn't seem to welcome fires - whihc I thuoght was the point of this site?

Received 02-10-2007 20:31 from admin

According to the website they allow campfires only in the 4th field.

Received 13-11-2007 04:59 from fallingrain

If you look at the campsites own website - they allow fires in the 4th field.

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