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  • Name: Tanaeldroch Farm Campsite
  • Town: Gwynedd
  • Postcode: LL25 0LZ
  • Tel: 01690 750225
  • Email:
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Received 17-05-2008 17:28 from lesleyb

my husband and i came here about 20 years ago with our then, young children. We loved the freedom of the open countryside. Fresh air, loads of space for the kids to wear themselves out. Then night time, kids asleep and get the fire going. Happy memories! Then last year, 20 years later, we decided to see if the farm was still there. And much to our delight it was and still the same. Still peace and quiet and still able to have a camp fire. Will definately go again. Love the place.

Received 26-05-2009 12:39 from bootneck

called in yesterday to check it out and remembered i used to go there when it was owned by a farmer called emlyn .wonderful site and the two ladies who now run it couldnt be more helpful but be warned not for wussie musthave a hair drier types. this is campinghow it used to be and should be.

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