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There are some 300 acres of land allocated to camping.This makes SHELL ISLAND the biggest camp site in the UK and the Biggest Tenting site in Europe. Unfortunately we only have a tent license and therefore cannot accept Caravans or Campervans. Campervans can be accepted if they have a tent for sleeping purposes. It may sound ridiculous but then the Vehicle becomes a means of transport !!

Received 12-04-2008 13:25 from waterlover

stopped at this campsite now for the past 3 years. last year was over bank holiday august! never again that time of year! You can have any size fire you like on the beach, on the rocks or on the estury side of the island. you can have a fire on the site but only in the fire buckets and all fires on the site must be off the floor. there is a marshal patrolling the site till late. They sell reasonably priced logs and kindling from the site shop. there is very little in the way of wood or drift wood as it is so popular. there is garages in and around llanbedr that sell wood and there is an abundance a short drive up toward rhaedar waterfalls. You can have a fire on the beach etc and be camped almost on top of it, not a great walk if you choose your site well. same rules apply to bbqs they must be off the floor. lots of rocks on the beach to use but must be returned when your finished camping. lovely site especially midweek. no booking allowed and during peak season almost no chance of getting on on a weekend. i don't recommend the site on a bank holiday at all. club house ok, not upto much, canteen area cheap and chearfull food, shops very well stocked. i reckon if you went there with an empty rucksack on youcould but everything you needed for a camp, clothes, equipment, food, wood, etc everything and a a gift to take home... the sand dunes are ace to camp in and explore, lots of caralls of cars, campers, tents windbreaks, its a very interestingplace to visit. have fun. youcan catch some pretty decent waces for kayaking and surfing on the sandune beach and the long beach over at harlech is only a shor paddle away. beware of the incomeing and outgoing tides through into the estury, if these are big, with a wind, can be scary! waterlover

Received 10-03-2010 15:08 from tintin

Been there twice in my motorhome,with a tent also, found it a good friendly place, can get very busy though, been turned away twice as place was full.

Received 10-03-2010 19:03 from tintin

shell island is big, but can be very busy as it is very popular, there are some fab hide away places where you can camp, and have a real campfire, really nice, if only there were more that would let you do what camping is all about.

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