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In summary you can choose to camp on 40 acres of mature wood land and open pasture, we have views overlooking the Mawddach estuary and surrounding mountains. Access directly onto the Mawddach cycle trail. If tent camping isn’t your thing you can also choose from Yurts, stylish guest house or cottage.

Logs are available to buy on site, voted cool camping Wales top five site.

Received 07-09-2008 20:21 from clairebearbob

This site has amazing views and if you want back to basics camping then this is the site for you. Unfortunately, we did find the owners particularly unhelpful and were made to feel an inconvenience when requesting help. The facilities are totally inadequate for the site (2 toilets and 2 showers for a 40 acre site)which were also positioned at the top of a very steep hill, some distance from the pitches, not somewhere you could get to at night. However, the eco toilet was a great experience, just a shame there was only one. I would definately advise taking your own toilet! Showers are also £1 and last for about 5 minutes, which for some can be a challege! If you are planning to go as a family this could become quite costly. Also, we didnt find them to be that clean, one was permanently blocked. I wouldnt recommend this as a 'family friendly' site due to the facilities. All in all, gorgeous site, shame about the owners!

Received 02-02-2009 18:04 from Sarah

Graig Wen has areas suitable both for those seeking a genuine back to nature camping experience and families looking for the comforts of a more conventional camp site. We do recommend families with small children camp nearer the facilities which are cleaned several times a day. We learnt a lot from our first, exceptionally rainy season of running Graig Wen in 2008 and we’re working to improve everyone’s experience this year, without spoiling the wild nature of this beautiful place. We try hard, but you can’t please everyone all the time - for more experiences of the hundreds of happy campers who have stayed with us we would recommend checking out other well known review sites.

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