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Debden House, Loughton, (which is actually Epping Forest) run by the council.
This has fire pit fields and is very laid back, allowing guitar music etc., the site is divided into about 5 fields and there you can go in a group and it has a huge marque with all cooking things for hire. they have scout like tents for this group hiring. we have camped in this group field many times.
Also a flat field for caravans and they allow barbeques raised off ground. Other fields have swings and slides. Fires can be lit in designated fields. You do need identification for the fire fields, but these can be booked in advance so you know you can lite a fire when you arrive. We have camped when it rained all summer and the fields were a bit boggy, great fun getting the cars out. (If you have more than one car they do like you to put them in the car park) you get a card pass which lets you in and out when you please. otherwise you wait until they raise the barrier.
Not near any pubs for walking but on site cafe serves great breakfasts and is reasonably priced. Well worth a look, if you forget the town close by, which is very handy for shopping, and swimming pool is great. Near this site is a pub (by car) which has a swimming pool behind it - great. The children climb the trees and we light fires, they supply logs near the fire field and dragging them up is good exercise for the kids.

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