Welcome to campfires burning....

The Campfires burning website has come about because of a lack of info about campsites that let you have fires. Not so long time since, you could have fires at loads of sites, now they seem to have vanished.

We aim to provide the campfire camper with usefull information about sites that allow some form of campfire. We have searched the internet for sites, primarily in the UK for now, that permit fires. Although not every potential site is listed, if you do know of any; anywhere in the world, please send me an email and i can add it to the site.

We are currently putting together a list of sites from all over the world, so if you know of any, please drop us an email so we can add them to the site.

If you intend visiting one of our listed sites, please check with them first and mention to them that you found them on campfiresburning.org.

Site Details for Kitewood Camping

If any of the details listed are incorrect, please email the correct details. Your help will help others.

Image of campsite

Well you park in a small car park that is about 75 metres from the communal area. You can drive close to your pitch in some cases right up to it. Alternatively we provide "woodsman's trollies to get your kit to the pitch which will be between 100 and 300 metres from the car park should the ground be too wet. You get a Super "ipoo" composting toilet (not like your traditional Festival loo) see pic below. That is shared between 2 pitches. You get your own dedicated covered camp fire area, a picnic table and Ronnie Sunshine's campfire grill ! All the firewood you need thrown in too! The surface varies between woodland floor, chippings and grass depending on which pitch you are on. All sites are fairly level and there is plenty of room even for the largest tents.